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Can you name the fermented beverage?

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Beer fermented at room temperature
Beer fermented at lower temperature
Beer fermented with wild yeast and bacteria
Beer fermented with wild yeast, bacteria, and sour cherries
A mixture of young and old beers fermented with wild yeast and bacteria
Beer brewed with bittering spices rather than hops
Fermented grape juice
Fermented juice from grapes frozen on the vine
Fermented rice
Fermented apple juice
Fermented pear juice
Beer fermented with apple juice
Fermented honey
Fermented honey with fruit
Honey fermented with apple juice
Honey fermented with spices
Beer and fermented honey with herbs and spices
Fermented rye bread
Fermented horse milk
Fruit juice, ketchup, and/or sugar fermented with bread crust in a prison toilet

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