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Hint4-letter answer
[first rung] [last rung]: Deep Space Nine
Scorch with sudden heat
Author of nonsensical limericks; also a king in a Shakespearian tragedy
Resting on or against
You'll need good credit if you want one of these
What you'd find on the dollar coin in Canada
A pirate's booty
The shape of Italy
A mark or stain typically made by ink
To Aristotle it tells of a change in fortune that happens to a character
A plan to turn a situation into one more advantageous for yourself
All work and no ____ makes Jack a dull boy
Hint4-letter answer
Many religious people do this
A donkey's cry
The word for brother in many Slavic languages
Base unit of time in music
Ursine mammal
Flying, public speaking and heights are among the most common types of ____
A great achievement
Homophone of previous answer
A raised portion on the neck of a stringed instrument
If you love something set it ____
The largest species of this is the Giant Sequoia
[first rung] [last rung]: Next Generation

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