Destinies of the Apostles

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Some stories say he was martyred at Hierapolis, in modern Turkey
Not one of the original 12, traveled extensively and martyred in Rome
Beheaded by Herod Agrippa in Judea, year 44
Tradition has him going several places including India and Armenia
Traveled the Mediterranean, brought Christianity to Armenia with another apostle; martyred in Lebanon
Preached in Byzantium as far as the Volga and Kiev. Martyred in Greece
Crucified in Rome at Circus or Nero
Established a Christian community in India that exists to this day
Cared for Mary, exiled for a while on Patmos, but died in Ephesus
Some traditions have him martyred in Lower Egypt
Various traditions have him zealously living and dying all over the place
At first stayed and preached among Jews in Judea

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