Edible Mushroom Varieties

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Known in Japan as maitake, it is found on stumps near the base of trees.
Called the hedgehog mushroom or the Urchin of the Woods.
Black Chinese truffle variety.
Referred to as the tube chanterelle or yellow-leg.
Colloquially referred to as tooth fungi, it is also known as 'Lion's Mane Mushroom'.
Known as the Trompette du Mort or Horn of Plenty.
An easily recognizable fungus, it is called the yellow chanterelle in common usage.
Deadly if eaten raw, this 'False Morsel' is prized by native of Finland.
Italians call it the 'Pig Mushroom' while Germans call it the 'Stone Mushroom'
Called the 'Chicken Fungus' it is a popular bracket fungus among mushroom enthusiasts.

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