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Where did santa meet his girlfriend?alcohal and food
What happend to the elf and his girlfriend?Same as the boys father
Who shoots santa in the end?Bacon
What meal did the boy and his grandma keep offering santa?Ham and Cheese
What advice did Santa give the kid in the end?What you shouldn't take from people or even yourself.
What was the main little boy's name?Was in unaccompanied minors
What is the Bad Santa's name?Free whale???
Who played the annoying manager?Was in the Movie IT
Who plays the Bad Santa Charactor?3 names
Who played the Security officer?Has his own T.V. Show
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What is the elf's name?Mark?
What happened to the Security officer?Flat Head
Does Willy survive?You have to watch it!
What street did the kid say he lived on?Common street name
Where does the kid keep saying his dad is?Not true
What was the kids charactor name?Rhymes
What did the kid do to the bully in the end?**** happens when you party naked!
Near the end of the movie what were the 3 B's?Santa's habits
'I am not gay' 'What the hell buddy?' 'BUDDY! I said i am not gay!' 'Are you off your meds or something?' 'Yes but your as queer as a ____ dollar bill!'Less than 20 more than 5
What did Santa take for pay for working?Planters

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