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Golden Compass Trivia

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Who is the protagonist of the Golden Compass?
What is her daemon's name?
Who is her mother?
What is the form of her daemon?
Who is Lyra's father?
What is his daemon's name
What is his daemon's form?
Who is Lyra's BFFL? (in the first book)
What is the process of cutting human apart from daemon called?
What is the name of the group that runs it, or at least brings in the children? (Official name please)
What do the children call them?
What is the actual name of the 'golden compass'?
What makes it work? (One word, 4 letters)
What is the name of the gyptian ruler?
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Farder _____?
Whom does he love?
Who is the armored bear that helps Lyra?
Who is his friend the balloonsman?
What is Serafina Pekkala?
What's her daemon's name?
Where is Lyra from?
Whom does she help Iorek Byrnison trick? (the bear king)
What does he want most?
What of Iorek's does Lyra pretend to be to trick Iofur?
What area/city is Iofur the king of?
Who is Mrs. Coulter's lover?
What is his daemon?
What natural phenomenon is the location for the gateway to the world with the Specters?

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