mlb team by 2009 standings

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Can you name the mlb team by 2009 standings?

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95-67AL East
74-87NL West
65-97AL Central
79-83AL Central
64-98AL East
75-87AL West
83-78NL Central
86-76NL East
85-77AL West
78-84NL Central
88-74NL West
87-76AL Central
92-70NL West
70-92NL East
80-82NL Central
65-97AL Central
86-77AL Central
97-65AL West
91-71NL Central
62-99NL Central
87-75NL East
59-103NL East
93-69NL East
84-78AL East
87-75AL West
95-67NL West
103-59AL East
75-87AL East
70 92NL West
74-88NL Central

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