Spider-Man villains by real name

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Can you name the Spider-Man villains by real name?

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Real NameAlter Ego
Wilson Fisk
Norman Osborn
Herman Schulz
Michael Morbius
Stanley Carter
Flint Marko
Silvio Manfredi
Sergei Kravinoff
Arnold Donovan
Curt Connors
Harry Osborn
Maxwell Dillon
Roderick Kingsley
Otto Octavius
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Bart Hamilton
Carlos LaMuerta
Eddie Brock
Real NameAlter Ego
Mac Gargan
Quentin Beck
Aleksei Systevich
Lonnie Thompson Lincoln
Adrian Toomes
Mendel Stromm
Jason Macendale
Phineas Mason
Abner Jenkins
John Jameson
Cletus Kasady
Miles Warren
Morris Bench
Thomas Fireheart
Mark Raxton
Jackson Arvad
Sandra Deel

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