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Increase the length of something
Make a beneficial modification
Grasp, fathom, know
Sandwiches leather bound texts
Fix or repair
Opposite of 'on beginning'
Become chummy wtih someone
Move upward, possibly to the throne
Temporarily ban school attendance
Go beyond, rise above
Al's Green & Sharpton, Horton Heat, or Billy Graham
Make believe; convey something unreal or untrue
Not Monday through Friday
Craze or fad
A greatly needed, timely gift delivered from on high
Mix two or more things
Supplement or add onto something
'Friends, Romans, contrymen, _____ me your ears'
Resist or ward off
Do this like Beckham
Compete or dispute
To have an aim, purpose, or plan for future action
Deign or patronize
Shareholder reward
Sleepy Hollow, Zelda, the Seeker, Bagger Vance
Cultivate or look after--as in a garden
Loom, forebode, approach imminently
More than dating, less than engaged
Telecommunications giant + Oedipus complex referencing Doors song
Dastard, charlatan, or fanatic
Check the title of this game
What cops hope to do to at-large criminals
Sondheim implores us to '_____ in the clowns'
Advocate, champion, stick up for
Move downward, possibly into madness
Listen well and serve well (drinks)
Advocate for, endorse, suggest, extol
A regular allotment of funds
Rely, trust, count on
Turn over or completely change
Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, or Ross
Bulge, bloat, balloon
Consume or deplete
Often precedes 'or' as someone who sells
Give a pat on the back
Predict, forecast, foreshadow

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