Conan O'Brien Recurring Characters

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Can you name the popular recurring characters from the Tonight Show/Late Night with Conan O'Brien?

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Full moon monster under the influence of stimulants
Young dog with nefarious intentions
Diminutive version of a late-night host
Promiscuous marine mammal
Girl donning braces and pining for Conan
Has ties with parcel delivery and the Catholic Church
Distributes topical ointment
Canine with a penchant for taunting
The future of managing prostitutes
Politically incorrect radio personality from the 30s
Wisecracking network mascot
Joel Goddard's Asian companion
Depressed and suicidal horse
Muppet with extreme indigestion
Large, diaper-clad, heavily furred mammal
Knows what people will say before they say it

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