Things that Can Hold Their Liquor

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Can you name the people, places, things, and phrases that contain a type of alcoholic beverage?

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hintperson, place, thing, or phrasetype of alcohol
ice cream brand known for their all-natural ingredients
used to wrap roasts and parcels
a particularly contentious problem
large lake created by the Hoover dam
toffee's softer sibling
physics law that relates to the absorption of light
kind of sad, but also kind of glad
starred in 'Showgirs', 'Bound,' and 'Face/Off'
psychedelic chemical found in peyote
Grimm's fairy tale (must guess his name!)
remover of moisture
instrument of choice for Buddy Rich
fewest number of members necessary to make official decisions
type of vinegar--can be used as a homeopathic remedy
another name for 'redhead'
may or may not be true
don't 'knock' this card game
rice crispies + peanut butter + chocolate
brand of scouring sponge
brand of fabric stain repellant
brand of clear, cuttable adhesive
European royal dynasty - 16th through 19th centuries
hintperson, place, thing, or phrasetype of alcohol
abandon, repudiate, spurn
famed New Orleans throughway
one who makes decisions
gum disease
13th and 21st US secretary of defense
a beginning--time or place of creation
pigs, sows, hogs, and such
deep-fried, meat-encased, hard-boiled egg
site of the largest engagement of the US revolutionary war
reality tv star looking for a shot at love
R&B singer had a hit with 'The Boy is Mine'
Eli Whitney's famed invention
Amish rite of passage
popular Los Angeles music venue
Mr. Buffer wants us to 'get ready to...'
dull, blase, brimming with ennui
company known for diamonds
group of sculptures originally part of the Parthenon
mystical Persian poet
infamous cartoonist and creator of 'fritz the cat'
another way of saying 'orange crustaceans in the sea'
to rifle or dig through -- also a type of sale

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