Arturo Ui

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Can you name the facts of the Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui?

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Mr. DogsboroughThe corrupt old Mayor of Cicero
Warehouse Fire TrialTrial fixed by Ui's men to blame enemies for fire.
Ernesto Roma'Mouthpiece' of the mob, head hitman
Emanuele GiriSecond in Command, the narrator
Guiseppe GiovolaThe horticulturist of Ui's gang, who has a slippery tongue.
GangstersThe faceless hitmen who follow Ui's orders.
Cauliflower TrustThe Cauliflower shopkeepers
Arturo UiHead of the Crime Syndicate
Murder of Ernesto RomaErnesto Roma and his men are betrayed by Ui and Giri.
Dullfeet MurderThe murder of visiting Mayor Dullfeet of the neighboring city.

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