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Can you name the answers that rank fifth in the following categories?

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CategoryFifthsTop 4
Most Spoken LanguagesMandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi-Urdu
Largest IslandsAustralia, Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo
Populous Island NationsIndonesia, Japan, Philippines, UK
Highest MountainsEverest, K2, Kangchenjunga, Lohtse
Largest LakesSuperior, Victoria, Huron, Michigan
Populous Metro AreasTokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, New York
Populous NationsChina, India, USA, Indonesia
Countries AlphabeticallyAfghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra
CategoryFifthsTop 4
Native Countries of USA Immigrants in 2010Mexico, China, Philippines, India
Largest CountriesRussia, Canada, USA, China
Longest RiversNile, Amazon, Yangtze, Mississippi-Missouri-Jefferson
Countries by Population DensityMonaco, Singapore, Vatican, Malta
Countries by GDPUSA, China, Japan, Germany
Largest States of the USAAlaska, Texas, California, Montana
Largest ArmyChina, USA, India, North Korea

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