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President Roosevelt apealed to who for peace?Dec. 6, 1941
The Allies begin operation Overlord on their offence against hilter in...Jan 1941
What did Hilter, Mussolini and the rest of the Axis do to the United States in agreement to the Tripartite Pact?Dec. 11, 1941
The conflict between the Soviet Union and Finland was a proxy war in WWII known as the...Nov. 30, 1939 - Mar. 13, 1940
In April British politian offered to do what to the waters of Norway?April 1940
The Germens enter what capital city on June 14?France, 1940
Hilter attacked this country starting World War 2Sep. 1, 1939
Germany, Japan and Italy all sign the what, offically creating the Axis PowersSep. 27, 1940
Hitler sent the Luftwaffe (Germen Air Force) to the skies of Britain to weaken the Royal Air Force and attacked London, this stratagy was called?June 10, 1940
What country does Italy invade in the fall?Oct. 28, 1940
Belgium, USA, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland and italy all said they were what in the conflict?Sep - Dec 1939
QuestionAnswerDate or Locataion
What British Prime Minister gave out an ultimatum to Hitler?London, Sep. 2, 1939
What two European countries first declared war on Germany?Sep. 3, 1939
Who took office of Prime Minister of the UK after Chamberlain resigned of the invasion days?London, UK
Hitlers next invasion was sent for...May 10, 1940
The Germens go more eastward attacking the Soviet Union in operation...Soviet Union: June 22, 1941
Germany attacked three countries in North western Europe on may,10th. these countries were known as theBelgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
What two northern European nations wereinvaded next by Hitler?April 9, 1940
Soviets Capture these 3 baltic statesJuly 23, 1940
What Naval base did the japanese attack in HawaiiDec.7, 1941
After territorial disagreements between two nations Russia attacked...Nov. 30, 1939
When french troops crossed into the germen boarder with no fighting this was called the..October 1939

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