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brainy scientistAmy Acker
wise-cracking side-kickNicholas Brendon
slum demon fighterJ. August Richards
politician turned demonHarry Groener
Irish Brachen demon (lasted 9 episodes)Glenn Quinn
demon/cyborgGeorge Hertzberg
rocker werewolfSeth Green
soldier boyfriendMarc Blucas
vampire with a soul (also a title character)David Boreanaz
green singing empath demonAndy Hallett
'key' younger sisterMichelle Trachtenberg
lesbian wiccanAmber Benson
hell goddessClare Kramer
title characterSarah Michelle Gellar
demonic preacherNathan Fillion
ex-vengance demonEmma Caulfield
former enemy in love with the slayerJames Marsters
cheerleader turned demon fighterCharisma Carpenter
first 'Big Bad'Mark Metcalf
wiccan best friendAlyson Hannigan
main character's momCandy Clark
nerdy enemy turned allyTom Lenk
first of the title character's watchersAnthoney Stewart Head
psychotic female vampireJuliet Landau
second watcherAlexis Denisof
next slayerEliza Dushku
enemy/ally with a Napoleonic complexDanny Strong
shot one of the main characters/ robo-nerdAdam Busch

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