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Can you name the TV characters who posted these things on FML?

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I ran out of jelly babies. FML
Everyone bothers me. They keep telling me to get the hell out of the can and take a shower. FML
I can't believe the nerve of some people! Calling me a drama queen?! I need to sing, damn it! FML
My neighbors are being gay and annoying. Those stupid coral-brains! FML
A stupid Latina girl foiled my grand heist... again. FML
Uh-oh... no more tubby custard. FML
I got killed again. That bastard. FML
The Cap'n would be furious if he found out I stole a piece of candy from his stash. FML
Lesson learned: pepper spray is NOT food. FML
My favorite musician died. So did my cat. FML
I got knocked 1,000 years in the future while delivering a pizza. I'm still poor in the future. FML

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