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Groucho Marx1950-1961
Kirk Fogg1993-1995
Anne Robinson2000-Present
Dick Clark1973-1980 & 1982-1989
Pat Sajak1981-Present
Ryan Seacrest2002-Present
Allen Ludden1961-69, 1971-75 & 1979-80
Jim Lange1965-1974
Richard Dawson1976-1985
Peter Tomarken1983-1986
Chuck Barris1976-1980
Joe Rogan2001-2006
Bob Barker1972-2007
Ben Stein1997-2003
Chris Hardwick1995-1998
Frank Nicotero2000-2005
Bob Eubanks1966-74, 1977-80, 1985-89 & 1998-2000
Tom Bergeron1998-2004
Guy Fieri2010-Present
Phil Keoghan2001-Present
Chuck Woolery1983-1995
Chuck Woolery2002-Present
Monty Hall1963-1976
Drew Carey2007-Present
Joey Fatone2007-Present
Gene Rayburn1962-1969 & 1973-1982
Gene Wood1969-1975
Alfonso Ribeiro2008-Present
Pat Finn1991-2003
Larry Csonka1990-9993
Regis Philbin1999-2002
Alex Trebek1984-Present
Mike O'Malley1992-1995
Meredith Vieira2002-Present
Chuck Woolery1984-1990
Jeff Foxworthy2007-Present
Howie Mandel2005-Present
Marc Summers1986-1988
Bob Saget2006-2008
David Ruprecht1990-98, 1999-2004

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