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favored increased American investment in the world
made credit available to farmers at low rates of interest
free railroad passes were restricted and Interstate Commerce Commission was expanded
intended to lower the tariff, but actually raised the tariff by the time all amendments were added on
unions and strikes were legal. designed to strengthen the sherman antitrust act
direct election of us senators
granted the Philippines territorial status
granted assistance to federal civil-service empolyees during periods of disability
prohibited alcoholic drinks
authorized banks to issue emergency currency that would be backed by the government
voters are called upon to approve or disapprove specific government programs
federal income tax
required decent treatment and a living wage on American merchant ships
investigated possible violations of antitrust laws
Germans say that America can end war if we convince the allies to ease blockades on German ports
established the eight hour work day for all employees on trains in interstate commerce, with extra pay for overtime
Germans promise not to sink a passenger ship or unarmed ship before warning
citizens of a city or state could remove an unpopular elected offical from office in midterm
created a Federal Food and Drug adminsitration
established the federal reserve system: 12 district reserve banks controlled by the banks in each district
authorized Washington to collect money from the sale of public lands in the west and then use those funds for the development of irrigation projects
procedure supported by the populist party in 1890s where any proposed law could go on the public ballot as long as a petiton with an appropriate number of names is submitted
reduced import fees
heavy fines could be imposed on railroads that gave rebates and on the shippers that accepted them
settles the dispute between the miners and the business owners by giving the miners a 9 hour workday and 10% raise in pay
established government comission to monitor the quality of all meat sold in america

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