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descriptionlast names
became president after the Mexicans revolted
Gov. of NJ who became president in 1912
governor of Wisconsin who returned power to the people
wrote 'wealth against commonwealth' which attacked standard oil company
wrote 'How the other half lives' which was an account of the new york slums
traced the tentacles of the 'money monster' into the hidden vaults of American banking and business
first chief of the United States Forest Service
wrote 'The Promise of American Life' he favored consolidation of trusts
Mexican Revolutionary General
Secretary of the Interior
wrote 'other people's money and how the bankers use it' president wilson's confidant
descriptionlast names
US officer ordered to break up Villa and his band
wrote 'The Jungle'
last German Emperor and King of Prussia
journalist who pusblished a factual expose of the Standard Oil Company
leader of the mexican revolution. became preisent after huerta was overthrown
Founded the Sierra Club
attacked the wealthy by writing 'The Theory of the Leisure Class'
Unmasked the corrupt alliances between big businesses and municipal government by writing 'The Shame of the Cities'
governor of Cali. who broke the grip of the Southern Pacific Railroad
President in 1908
Republican candidate for the 1916 election

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