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Forced Order
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Sample WordLexical Set
creep, speak, leave, feel, key
taught, sauce, hawk, jaw, broad
hurt, lurk, urge, burst, jerk, term
for, war, short, scorch, born
staff, brass, ask, dance, sample
soap, joke, home, know, so
ripe, write, arrive, high, try
cup, suck, budge, pulse, trunk
noise, join, toy, royal, adroit
stop, sock, dodge, romp, possible
out, house, loud, count, crowd
tape, cake, raid, veil, steak
Sample WordLexical Set
beer, sincere, fear, beard, serum
step, neck, edge, shelf, friend
far, sharp, bark, carve, farm
cough, broth, cross, long, Boston
loop, shoot, tomb, mute, huge
care, fair, pear, where, scarce
ship, sick, bridge, milk, myth
psalm, father, bra, spa, lager
four, war, sport, porch, borne
poor, tourist, pure, plural, jury
tap, back, badge, scalp, hand
put, bush, full, good, book

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