Star Trek Holodeck Aliases

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Can you name the Starfleet officers who play the holodeck characters?

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Holodeck CharacterStarfleet Officerseries
Arachnia, Queen of the Spider PeopleVOY
Buster Kincaid, trusty sidekickVOY
Captain Proton, protector of EarthVOY
The President of EarthVOY
The Twin Mistresses of EvilVOY
Dr. NoahDS9
Duchamps, Dr. Noah's associateDS9
Falcon, deadly assasinDS9
Professor Honey Bare, seismologistDS9
Anastasia Komananov, KGB agentDS9
Dixon Hill, private investigatorTNG
Durango, mysterious strangerTNG
John Watson, London physicianTNG
Sherlock Holmes, brilliant detectiveTNG

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