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[Transmission] Oil Pressure should remain steady and should be in the __ to __ psi range
At ambient temps of _ C and below, _ consecutive start cycles may be made followed by a _ min rest period followed by _ more consecutive start cycles. A _ min rest is then required
At ambient temperatures above __ up to __ C, __ consecutive start cycles may be made. A __ minute rest period is then required before any additional starts cycles.
The minimum ground-air source required to start the helicopter engines is __ psig and __ ppm at __ C. The maximum is __ psig at __ C.
Slope limits - __deg Nose Up/Left/Right, decreased by __ for every __ knots of wind. __ deg Nose down
During nose up-slope at __deg, a xmsn oil pressure of __ to __ is normal; at __deg __ to __ is normal
__ deg Max Bank angle w/ Primary servo illuminated
Landing gear limits - < or = 16825: __level, __ slope; >16825: __level, __ slope
Max forward touchdown a/s on level terrain: __kts GS
Do not test windshield anti-ice above __deg C
APU: >__ deg w/ rotor operating: __. continuous < __ deg and no rotor
Prohibited maneuvers: hovering turns >__deg/sec, pitch >+/-__deg, roll >__ deg, ___ground taxi, throttle chop
Max auto a/s < or = 16825:__; >16825: __
Hovering in winds from side/rear >__ kts (__kts w/ERFS)
Hyd/SAS inop A/S: __ w/ 1 inop, __ w/ 2 inop, __ w/ 2 inop in IMC
__ max a/s w/ one engine inop
__ max a/s with gunner's window open, __ w/ cabin door open, __ w/ cabin door and soundproofing secured
Max weight: __, w/ 7 lug wheels:__, external lift mission:__, ESSS on ferry: __
Max capacity for storage compartments: __
The 4 cabin ceiling tiedown fittings have a limited load capability of __ pounds
Cargo hook capacity: __

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