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In a prokaryotic cell, what region is the concentrated DNA in?
Made of RNA and protein, the organelles that carry out protein synthesis are
What structures carry genetic information?
Secretory proteins are transported from the rough ER in membrane bound
What proteins have carbohydrates covalently bonded to them?
Which Endoplasmic Reticulum contains ribisomes on its outer surface
What material is each chromosome made up of?
The function of (BLANK) is to prepare specific components of cells in bulk.
Question Answer
A membrane sac of hydrolytic enzymes that an animal cell uses to digest all kinds of macromolecules is a
Prokaryotes do not have (BLANK)
The function of plasmodesmata is channeling between adjacent (BLANK)
A (BLANK) acnhors the tubule(s) of cilia and flagella in cells
(BLANK) use lysosomes to destroy ingested bacteria
The inner membrane of the nuclear envelope is lined with
The large central vacuoles found in mature plant cells are surrounded by a membrane known as the

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