Word Ladder: Driving

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Can you name the words to this 4-letter driving themed ladder?

Updated Dec 17, 2012

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⊗ Rotate the car at an intersection ⊗
Pulled apart
A wrongful act
A kind of pastry
A section of the whole
⊗ Place your vehicle in a lot ⊗
Harsh cry from a dog
Don't drive after drinking at these establishments
⊗ Automobiles ⊗
Cylindrical metal containers
Walking stick
⊗ 'Passing' and 'High Occupancy' can describe this ⊗
A thin continuous mark
Time from birth to death
Raise to a higher position
⊗ The British drive on this side of the road ⊗
Weight of object; importance
Degree of warmth
The leader of an organization
To interpret written material
⊗ What you drive on ⊗
A lion's yell
Fly high in the air
Hand washing need
Hit something with your palm
Spilled liquid
⊗ What you must do at a red light ⊗
Store an object
⊗ Speed you must drive over a speed bump ⊗
Type of machine for gambling
A long narrow cut
Moved along a smooth surface
⊗ Your car may do this on ice ⊗
A comedy sketch
To infect, in Scot dialect
Produce and send out energy
⊗ Get off the highway ⊗

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