Word Ladder: Mystery Theme IV

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Can you name the words to this 4 letter ladder and guess the common word to the select answers?

Updated Mar 15, 2012

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● Take part in a game ●
A cunning plan
A farming implement for digging up earth
Having a low speed
● To display ●
A place to buy items
To cut with an axe
A chicken cage
Prepare food
Hit someone on the head
Booby prize on 'Let's Make a Deal'
● A region that has a particular purpose ●
A unit of subjective loudness
● An unspecified amount ●
Exchange of an object for money
Strong and healthy
● One out of two equal parts ●
The fleshy part of the leg below the knee
A shout to someone to get their attention
One of Homer Simpson's coworkers
● The queen of spades is one ●
A hospital room
A metallic thread
The woman of a marriage
● TV's 'The Facts of ___' ●
● A 1-dimensional shape ●
A prong or sharp point

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