Word Ladder: Superhero Identities

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Can you name the words to this 5-letter word ladder containing the secret identities of a few superheroes?

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Clue5-Letter Word
● Batman's secret identity - 1st name ●
Device that clamps things for support
Television series: Without A _____
Follow, pursue
Don't step on one, for your mother's back's sake
Soulja Boy's debut single: _____ That
Sound made when two glasses hit
● Superman's secret identity - 1st name ●
To burn to a coal
Jaws antagonist
Alternative to 'like' and 'comment' on Facebook
Hexagon for example
The metal pin of a buckle
Black band worn as a sign of mourning
Clue5-Letter Word
Desire intensely
2012 Pixar film
Stop a car
Covered with brambles and other undergrowth
Describes a large, pointed nose
Having especially high-pitched spots
Cheerful and lively
Artist who sings 'I Kissed a Girl'
Ward off an attack
Food sold at the Krusty Krab: the Krabby _____
Trivial, insignificant
Enormous piranha plant in Super Mario Sunshine
● Spiderman's secret identity - 1st name ●

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