Word Ladder: Pirates

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Can you name the words to this ☠ pirate ☠ themed 3-letter word ladder?

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Front o' th' ship1
In what way or manner2
Cap'n wears 'tis4
A rodent5
Furrow or groove6
Yo ho ho and a bottle of ___7
I be needin' 'tis fer me breath8
Me favourite weapon9
Me favourite type of spirit10
I commit many o' these11
I be needin' a stool to do 'tis12
___ sail fer th' horizon!13
Sail seven o' these14
A pair 'o these in a pod15
Wit' [rung 17]: Me wooden body part16
Wit' [rung 16]: Me wooden body part17
Side o' th' ship that be downwind18
'tis be fer washin' the decks19
Me way of sayin' 'yes'20
Another word fer 'be'21
A scurvy pirate's favourite letter22
Another word fer [Rung 11]23
Acronym stands fer the hour on earth24
'tis paintings be in me treasure25
Towards th' stern o' th' ship26

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