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●American former #1, 14 Grand Slam titles. (First name)●
Animals kept in a house
Makes something no longer dry
Hope for something
●Highest ranked American of 2011, 0 Grand Slam titles. (Last name)●
What you make to punch something
High speed
The opposite of the future
To place paper on a wall
What to do when getting a picture taken of
You smell with this
●Serbian current #1, 5 Grand Slam titles. (Nickname)●
People enjoy whacking these
5280 feet (or 67.7 tennis courts)
●American former #1 doubles team player. 11 Grand Slam titles. (First name)●
A two-wheel vehicle
Tear food apart in your mouth
Tiny pieces
The only mammals capable of flight
●Swedish former #1, 7 Grand Slam titles. (First name)●
Gunshot noise
Low pitched sound of a bell
●Swedish former #1, 11 Grand Slam titles (Last name)●
Crop grown on farms
A metal disc with monetary value
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●American former #1, 17 Grand Slam titles - 7 singles, 9 doubles, 1 mixed. (First Name)●

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