Word Ladder: Banking

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Updated Apr 5, 2013

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●A financial institution●1
A position in the army2
Place to play hockey3
●The possibility for financial loss●4
Elevate to higher ground5
To be knowledgeable and experienced6
To hope for something to happen7
To clean something8
●Physical form of currency●9
Actors of a play10
Where you place your groceries when shopping11
●One can be used to pay in place of [rung 9]●12
A wire that is powering your electronics13
The centre of the earth14
What you may be holding when eating ice cream15
Dog's chew-toy16
●A debt security; similar to a [rung 22]●17
Make something not straight anymore18
●Let someone borrow from you●19
To direct a group of people20
To place objects in a truck21
●Borrowed money from [rung 1]●22

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