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ScrambleWordCorrect Definition
TRAExpression of creative skill
IKSNGo down below
the surface
ESATDirection where
the sun rises
RAESBurn the surface of something
LWOFMove along in a current or stream
LSAEExchange of an object for money
ECRAA unit of land area, 0.405 hectare
SOPTCome to a halt; cease to move
OSLOPCollared shirts such as golf shirts
ScrambleWordCorrect Definition
KASTEFootwear for
gliding on ice
ESPROReproductive unit produced by plants
INERSDevice that makes loud noise
EVORTCollection of
valuable things
AMTESVapour that heated water converts to
CRAETEvidence of
one's presence
ARTESA long fixed or vacant look
RETHADIntense dislike
of someone
LITSOPA firearm meant to be held in one hand

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