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LeagueGymleaderType of badge
First Indigo League gymleaderBoulder
Second Indigo League gymleaderCascade
Third Indigo League gymleaderThunder
Fourth Indigo League gymleaderRainbow
Fifth Indigo League gymleaderSoul
Sixth Indigo League gymleaderMarsh
Seventh Indigo League gymleaderVolcano
Eighth Indigo League gymleaderEarth
First Orange League gymleaderCoral-eye
Second Orange League gymleaderSea ruby
Third Orange League gymleaderSpike shell
LeagueGymleaderType of badge
Fourth Orange League gymleaderJade star
Fifth Orange League gymleaderWinner's Trophy Honor at the Palace of Victory
First Johto League gymleaderZephyr
Second Johto League gymleaderHive
Third Johto League gymleaderPlain
Fourth Johto League gymleaderFog
Fifth Johto League gymleaderStorm
Sixth Johto League gymleaderMineral
Seventh Johto League gymleaderGlacier
Eighth Johto League gymleaderRising

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