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Can you name the characters played by each member of Broken Lizard?

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Jay ChandrasekharPuddle Cruiser
Jay ChandrasekharSuper Troopers
Jay ChandrasekharClub Dread
Jay ChandrasekharBeer Fest
Jay ChandrasekharThe Slammin' Salmon
Kevin HeffernanPuddle Cruiser
Kevin HeffernanSuper Troopers
Kevin HeffernanClub Dread
Kevin HeffernanBeer Fest
Kevin HeffernanBeer Fest
Kevin HeffernanThe Slammin' Salmon
Steve LemmePuddle Cruiser
Steve LemmeSuper Troopers
Steve LemmeClub Dread
Steve LemmeBeer Fest
Steve LemmeThe Slammin' Salmon
Paul SoterPuddle Cruiser
Paul SoterSuper Troopers
Paul SoterClub Dread
Paul SoterBeer Fest
Paul SoterThe Slammin' Salmon
Paul SoterThe Slammin' Salmon
Erik StolhanskePuddle Cruiser
Erik StolhanskeSuper Troopers
Erik StolhanskeClub Dread
Erik StolhanskeBeer Fest
Erik StolhanskeThe Slammin' Salmon

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