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Rhoda's sister (6 letters)
Sick, in St.-Lo (6 letters)
___ Arden, Flash Gordon companion (4 letters)
Soul singer Adams (5 letters)
'Mama Weer All Crazee Now' glam band (5 letters)
Late pop singer Franchi (6 letters)
'The Girl with the Hatbox' star (4 letters)
Catholic Bible version (5 letters)
Bristol-Myers Squibb brand (5 letters)
Scene of the ancient Pythian games (6 letters)
___ Bell (pen name of Emily Bronte) (5 letters)
Descendant of Esau (7 letters)
Christian denom. that observes the Sabbath on a Saturday (3 letters)
Captain E.J. Smith's command, with 'the' (7 letters)
It was azure-lidded, to Keats (5 letters)
Cartoonist Lazarus (4 letters)
'Ol' Rockin' ___' (1957 Ford album) (3 letters)
City SSW of Cleveland (6 letters)
Star of 'The Pickle' (6 letters)
Royal rival (5 letters)
'__ Parkington' (Greer Garson film) (3 letters)
'The Virginian' writer (6 letters)
Coveleski of Cooperstown (4 letters)
Entertainer whose given names were Wladziu Valentino (8 letters)
Zoroastrian spirit (4 letters)
Mil. E-4 to E-9 (4 letters)
Of the small intestine (5 letters)
'__ du tout' ('Don't mention it'): Fr. (3 letters)
'___ Blanca' (1976 hit) (6 letters)
'The Three ___' (old ballad) (6 letters)
Frank's 'Guys and Dolls' role (6 letters)
1953 Mel Ferrer film (4 letters)
Site of Florida's first golf course (8 letters)
'The Prisoner of ___' (5 letters)
'Would you not ___ breathed?': Shak. (6 letters)
'___ War' (Nick Stone book series) (5 letters)
Site of Tiberius's villa (5 letters)
Japanese beer (7 letters)
'Ain't She Sweet?' composer (4 letters)
Pelvic or of the hip (5 letters)
Capital city founded in 1050 (4 letters)
Actor Elliott of 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' (4 letters)
'Pierrot Le ___' (1965 Jean-Luc Goddard film) (3 letters)
Flower war participant (5 letters)
'Sense and Sensibility' heroine (6 letters)
1971 Peace Nobelist from Germany (6 letters)
Raphael's '___ Madonna' (7 letters)
Torah place marker (3 letters)
Welland Canal outlet (4 letters)
Former 'Beverly Hills 90210' role (6 letters)
Bygone Buick (7 letters)
'Semiramide' composer (7 letters)
Port in the Ille-et-Vilaine department (6 letters)
Product once pitched by Grace Kelly (5 letters)
Star in Perseus (5 letters)
Pulitzer winner FitzGerald (7 letters)
The Rebels (7 letters)
Young salmon (6 letters)
Lake Tanganyika discoverer John (5 letters)
'Walk, Don't Run' setting, 1966 (5 letters)
Hardin-Simmons University site (7 letters)
Barbizon painter Jules (5 letters)
Geometry's __ of Cassini (4 letters)
1949 O'Brien part (6 letters)
Actress Copley (4 letters)
'Dombey and Son' woman (5 letters)
Julia of 'O' (6 letters)
Oscar-winning film director Zinnemann (4 letters)
Transportation Secretary of the 1990s (4 letters)
'Melrose Place' role (6 letters)
Pearl Bailey's middle name (3 letters)
U.S. Treasurer Rosie (4 letters)
Cache in the Sierra Madre (6 letters)
Capital on the Rideau Canal (6 letters)
Gibson of the courts (6 letters)
'A kingdom for ___': 'Henry V' (6 letters)
Country singer Carter (5 letters)
'Skin Deep' star (6 letters)
Miss ___ (Uncle Remus character) (5 letters)
'Rin Tin Tin' star of 1950s TV Lee (5 letters)
Renaissance painter Bruegel (6 letters)
Nevsky Cathedral location (5 letters)
Bright green (5 letters)
Drambuie ingredient (6 letters)
Night-blooming cactus (6 letters)
Musandam Peninsula nation (4 letters)
Fictional Chinese scientist (4 letters)
City served by Gimpo Airport (5 letters)
Newsman Garrick (5 letters)
A raft, in diner slang (5 letters)
'Atlantic Monthly' correspondent (7 letters)
One of 'The Usual Suspects' of film (5 letters)
Hoopster Gilmore (5 letters)
___ Palma (Argentine national born in Antarctica) (6 letters)
Jazz trumpeter Roy (8 letters)
Maurice Chevalier's theme song (4 letters)
Ballet's Markova or Alonso (6 letters)
Frequent Grand Slam commentator (7 letters)
Chicken dish (8 letters)
'Zoolander' extras (6 letters)
1940s theater director James (4 letters)
Japan's ___ Bay (5 letters)
Phenomenon of paramnesia (6 letters)
1970s-80s Robert Urich series (5 letters)
'Bernie & ___' (parody of a children's show on 'Family Guy') (4 letters)
Precursor of Pascal (5 letters)
Guillotined French poet Andre de ___ (7 letters)
'Little Caesar' character portrayed by Edward G. Robinson (4 letters)
Mittimus or mandamus (4 letters)
Abbey Theater name (6 letters)
Microphone inventor Berliner (5 letters)
1954 A.L. batting champ (5 letters)
'Little buddy' of 1960s TV (8 letters)
TV pioneer John (5 letters)
'Black Beauty' star Freeman (4 letters)
Dutch Abstract Expressionist (5 letters)
'Under Siege' star (6 letters)
Worm: Prefix (7 letters)
Orwell's 'The Road to ___ Pier' (5 letters)
Doctor in a 1964 movie (3 letters)
'___, you noblest English!': 'Henry V' (4 letters)
Black Michael's castle (5 letters)
'South Pacific' girl (4 letters)
Violinist Camilla ___ (4 letters)
Donahue of 'Father Knows Best' (6 letters)
'Gentleman Jim' portrayer (5 letters)
Singer who appeared in 'The Longest Day' (4 letters)
First word in Connecticut's motto (3 letters)
One of the hunters in 'The Deer Hunter' (4 letters)
Sgt. Preston's org. (4 letters)
Colorful partridge (6 letters)
Greek gulf or city (aka Ambracia) (4 letters)
'Amadeus' choreographer (5 letters)
Title castle of book and film (5 letters)
___-Spree Canal (4 letters)
1995 title character voiced by Christine Cavanaugh (4 letters)
Artist Alfred ___ (6 letters)
Laddie, in Australia (4 letters)
PageMaker maker that merged with Adobe (5 letters)
__ family, which includes the citrus trees (3 letters)
Civil war guerrilla (6 letters)
Best Actor nominee of 1992 (3 letters)
Thomas Moore ballad locale (4 letters)
'___ Satires & Epistles' (7 letters)
Pullers of the chariot of Artemis (4 letters)
Chichi ___, Japan (4 letters)
Battle of the Bulge locale (8 letters)
Woman in Pushkin's 'Eugene Onegin' (7 letters)
Actress Kayla of 'The Vampire Diaries' (5 letters)
The old man in 'The Old Man and the Sea' (8 letters)
Family in O'Neill dramas (7 letters)
Lifting device (8 letters)
Cult director Abel (7 letters)
Outside of France? (4 letters)
Baby bateleur (6 letters)
Gwen in 'Damn Yankees' (4 letters)
Pataky of 'Snakes on a Plane' (4 letters)
Suburb of Providence (8 letters)
The Celtics' 'Hondo' (8 letters)
Ancient town near Mt. Parnassus (6 letters)
He originated the line 'Bury my heart at Wounded Knee' (5 letters)
Crazy, in Cannes (3 letters)
Paul of 'American Graffiti' (5 letters)
At home, to Hadrian (4 letters)
Site of a pivotal American Revolution battle (8 letters)
__ art (unsightly public sculpture) (4 letters)
Circus Hall of Fame site (8 letters)
Actress Corcoran of 'Bachelor Father' (6 letters)
Pianist in the jazz band Return to Forever (5 letters)
Avant-garde filmmaker Maya ___ (5 letters)
Ada of 'Bleak House' (5 letters)
Singer Barry with the hit '1-2-3' (3 letters)
'Hard Hearted Hannah' composer (4 letters)
Fencing movement (5 letters)
'Merry Mount' composer (6 letters)
Ludwig who wrote nine symphonies (5 letters)
Its capital is Dispur (5 letters)
He coined the phrase, 'Harmony in discord' (6 letters)
Sheridan and others (4 letters)
Lamont __, aka The Shadow (8 letters)
Director Litvak (7 letters)
___ Granada (old Spanish colony in the Americas) (5 letters)
Rodgers and Hart's 'Johnny ___' (7 letters)
Germann of 'Ally McBeal' (4 letters)
Piano virtuoso ___ Berman (5 letters)
Sen. Hollings (5 letters)
__ Freleng, Pink Panther creator (4 letters)
Natty Bumppo's quarry (4 letters)
Flaherty's 'Man of ___' (4 letters)
Chip of the PGA (4 letters)
Actress ___ de Matteo of 'Joey' (4 letters)
Humorist Shriner (3 letters)
Another name for Yamato (5 letters)
Fleetwood Mac's 'Walk ___ Line' (5 letters)
Singer Love of 1960s pop (7 letters)
Fen ___ (meadow plant) (3 letters)
'Lost in Yonkers' character (5 letters)
Saavedra ___ (1936 Peace Nobelist) (5 letters)
1963 Martin Ritt film (3 letters)
Writer Barthelme (6 letters)

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