The Korean War

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Which empire ruled the peninsula from 1910 to 1945?
The war began in which year?
Which country provided 88% of the UN troops?
What formed the border between North and South?
Who became the first president of the South in 1948?
Who became leader of the WPK in the North in 1949?
Who became the first leader of Communist China in 1949?
The North captured the entire peninsula except the area inside which imaginary line?
Which general led the UN forces into the South?
The man above led an amphibious landing at which Korean port?
He then captured which Korean city in October?
He then pushed back the North to which river?
The Chinese invaded and recaptured which city in 1951?
Which president dismissed Macarthur for overusing his power?
An armistice was signed in what year?
What was the buffer zone formed between the two Korean nations?

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