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the floating inn on the imperial city waterfront
what is the only animal you can buy
what is the name of the newspaper that is delivered around the imperial city
the lake surrounding the imperial city
the crab looking daedric god
the tallest point in the province of cyrodiil
the room where you collect the imperial dragon armour
what is the name of the current emperor
what is the name of the prince
what is the name of the city that is destroyed upon entering the game
the settlement overlooking the imperial city with invisible inhabitants
where the gladiators fight
the building in the imperial city that houses the jail
what is the name of the fort that houses the emperors guardians
name one city that is not the imperial city
in what province is the game set
what does a spriggan drop
the road circling the imperial city
what does a sheep drop
what is the name of the emperor's guardians
what is the name of add on which adds a small isle with, a three faced head on top.

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