The School of Athens

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Founder of the Stoic school of philosophy from Citium-
Founded one of the Greek schools of philosophy which resembles hedonism-
Duke of the Italian city of Mantua-
A pre-socratic involved with four classical elements / Another pre-socratic from Miletus whose work is little knownThis one is debated to be 2 different persons.
Andalusian muslim polymath-
A philosopher famous for his geometry theorem and love for numbers-
Short lived Macedonian who created one of the largest empires in antiquityThis one is debated to be 2 different persons.
Known for his writings on the history of his own timesThis one is debated to be 2 different persons.
Considered to be the first notable woman in Mathematics, later killed by christians for heresy. -
Greek statesman-
Founder of the eleatic school of philosophy-
The main character in Dialogues who has created a form of dialectics.-
'You can not step into the same river twice.' -
Came up with the doctrine of forms-
One of the most important founding figures in Western thought-
Asked Alexander the Great to stay out of his sunlight.-
Founder of Neoplatonism-
Often referred to as the 'Father of Geometry' / 'Eureka'This one is debated to be 2 different persons.
Ancient Iranian prophet, philosopher and religious poet. -
Astronomer who wrote 'Almagest' proposing Earth as the center of the Universe-
Ancient greek painter-

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