Led Zeppelin In Romance Languages

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Can you name the Led Zeppelin's songs by their names in Romance Languages?

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Romance Language TranslationOriginal English TitleAlbum
A La LlumPhysical Graffiti
MandarinăLed Zeppelin III
El VagabundPhysical Graffiti
Scala Al CelLed Zeppelin IV
Combien De Fois EncoreLed Zeppelin I
Bebê De OzônioCoda
Lo Que Es Y Lo Que Nunca Debería SerLed Zeppelin II
Pentru Viaţa TaPresence
La Canción De La LluviaHouses Of The Holy
AmicsLed Zeppelin III
Dans La SoiréeIn Through The Out Door
Desde Que Te He Estado AmandoLed Zeppelin III
Colpa Di Nessuno Ma La MiaPresence
Romance Language TranslationOriginal English TitleAlbum
Cão NegroLed Zeppelin IV
Bon Temps, Mauvais TempsLed Zeppelin I
MerciLed Zeppelin II
L'océanHouses Of The Holy
Nena, Voy A DejarteLed Zeppelin I
Bolnav Din NouPhysical Graffiti
Tonto A La PlujaIn Through The Out Door
Tutto Il Mio AmoreIn Through The Out Door
Té Para UnoPresence
Sur Les Collines Et Au LoinHouses Of The Holy
La Canzone Di LimoneLed Zeppelin II
Quan Es Trenca El DicLed Zeppelin IV

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