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Can you name the Fraternity & Sororities at UTC?

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Nautilus Shell, Dagger, Teddy Bear, KatydidOlive Green and Pearl White
DoveRoyal Blue and Pure White
Oak Tree, Shield & Diamond; White HorseGarnet and Old Gold
Roman Lamp; TurtleRose and Green
Non-Secret Sapphire Blue and Old Gold
The White CrossBlue and Old Gold
Shield, Scroll, Sword; Pallas Athena and OwlAzure and Argentt
White DoveRoyal Blue and White
Cross and Crescent; LionPurple, Green, and Gold
Star and CrescentScarlet, White, Emerald Green
The PoodleRoyal Blue and Gold
Lion and HelmetCrimson and Old Gold
Lion and DiamondAzure and White
Great Sphinx of GizaBlack and Old Gold
Skull and Crossbones; OwlCardinal and Straw
Ivy LeafSalmon Pink and Apple Green
Dove and HeartMaroon and Lavender

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