Dance Moms: Maddie's Solos

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Can you name the Maddie's solo's from Dance Moms??

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Rotten To The CoreWild Dance Intensive
Guess Who's BackStarpower
Worst Birthday Party EverStarbound
Nationals 90210Energy Dance
Bullets And BalletHollywood Vibe
Stealing The ShowOnStage New York
Sister ShowdownWorld Class Talent Experience
Topless ShowgirlsFire & Ice
Stealing The ShowOnStage New York
Maddie Has A SecretStarpower
Gone, Abby GoneBelieve
The Beginning Of The Endin10sity Dance
The Politics Of DancingPowerHouse Dance
Wildly InappropriateStarQuest
Cathy Brings It OniHollywood
Miami Heat WaveAmerican Dance Allaince
Lights! Camera! Dance!Masters Of Dance
Night Of The Living DancersEnergy Dance
Solo Feverin10sity Dance
Tap Versus Hip Hopin10sity Dance
All's Fair In Love And WarDance Xpressions
She's A FighterStarpower
Waiting For JoffreyEnergy Dance
Melissa Pleads The FifthCompany Dance
Abby Strikes Backin10sity Dance
Two Girls, One SoloPowerhouse Dance
Welcome Back... Now Don't Get Too ComfySheer Talent
Brooke's Turning PointStarbound
No One Likes a BullyHollywood Vibe
No Solo For YouMasters Of Dance
Break A LegStarbound
Dance Moms CaresStarbound
It All Ends HereStarbound
Bye Bye BabyDance Xpressions
Candy Apple ShowdownMasters Of Dance
Love On The Dance FloorStarpower
The Apple Of Her EyePowerHouse Dance
You've Been Unfriendedin10sity Dance
May I Have This DanceEnergy Dance
Camouflaged Maneuversin10sity Dance
Wardrobe MalfunctionMA Dance
The Big, Not So, EasyMasters Of Dance
No One Is SafeMasters Of Dance
Everyone's ReplaceableDance Troupe Challenge
Dying To DanceStarpower
Maddie Has A SecretStarpower
I Know What You Did Last CompetitionEnergy Dance
Recital RebellionALDC Showcase

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