Dance Moms: Chloe's Solos

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Can you name the Chloe's solos from Dance Moms?

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May I Have This Dance?2nd Place
How Do You Like Them Apples?6th Place
On-Again, Off-Again Abby1st Place
Topless Showgirls2nd Place
Two Girls, One SoloUnknown
Everyone's Replaceable1st Place
But I'm a National Champion!3rd Place
Night Of The Living Dancers3rd Place
Solo Fever6th Place
She's A Fighter6th Place
Here We Come5th Place
Dying To Dance2nd Place
Sister Showdown3rd Place
Bullets And Ballet2nd Place
From Ballerinas To ShowgirlsDid Not Place
It All Ends HereDid Not Place
Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have CootiesDid Not Place
Lights! Camera! Dance!5th Place
Nationals 902101st Place
The Dancing Dead2nd Place
Chloe Vs. Kendall: Round 21st Place
The Battle Begins5th Place
Nothing's Fair In Abbyville2nd Place
She's A Maniac1st Place
Brooke's Turning Point1st Place
Abbygeddon1st Place
Worst Birthday Party Ever4th Place
The Politics Of Dancing2nd Place
Stealing The Show4th Place
Presenting My New Team1st Place
Cathy Brings It On1st Place
Waiting For JoffreyNot Shown
Two Can Play This Game2nd Place
Wildly InappropriateNot Shown
Miami Heat Wave2nd Place
No One Likes A BullyNot Shown
Tap Versus Hip Hop4th Place
New Girl In Town5th Place
The Beginning Of The End2nd Place
Revenge Of The Replacements2nd Place
Revenge Of The Candy Apples2nd Place
Wardrobe Malfunction2nd Place
Clash Of The Chloes4th Place
Maddie Has A Secret4th Place
Candy Apple Showdown3rd Place
Abby-Phobic6th Place
Three Soloists, One Star2nd Place

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