Dance Moms: Brooke and Paige's Solos

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Can you name the Brooke and Paige's solos from Dance Moms?

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EpisodeRoutineDancer & Place
Boy Crazy, Mom CrazyPaige - 2nd Place
She's A FighterBrooke - 3rd Place
Stealing The ShowPaige - Did Not Place
Wardrobe MalfunctionPaige - 1st Place
Big Trouble In The Big AppleBrooke - 4th Place
Wardrobe MalfunctionBrooke - 3rd Place
Big Trouble In The Big ApplePaige - 5th Place
Brooke's BackBrooke - 3rd Place
From Ballerinas To ShowgirlsBrooke - 3rd Place
The Return Of Candy ApplesBrooke - 1st Place
You've Been UnfriendedBrooke - 5th Place
Stealing The ShowBrooke - 4th Place
Gone, Abby GoneBrooke - 4th Place
EpisodeRoutineDancer & Place
She's A FighterPaige - Did Not Place
Solo FeverBrooke - 4th Place
Solo FeverPaige - Did Not Place
Dying To DanceBrooke - 6th Place
Diva Las VegasPaige - Did Not Place
Diva Las VegasBrooke - 3rd Place
Guess Who's BackPaige - 6th Place
How Do You Like Them Apples?Paige - 7th Place
Camouflaged ManeuversBrooke - 4th Place
Nationals 90210Brooke - 1st Place
Dance Moms CaresBrooke - 3rd Place
Liar Liar Dance Mom On FirePaige - 3rd Place

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