the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

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Can you name the Things to do with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (Please add coments!)?

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What colour outfit was the queen wearing?It's a colour in the Union Jack
What year did this take place?Diamond means 60 years and she became queen in 1952
What colour outfit was The Duchess of Cambridge wearing?It's in the Union Jack
What river were they travelling down?It's really famous and is in England
What type of transport were they using?It's in the water
What is the Queen's first name?Also the name of one of Henry VIII's daughters
What colour seat did the queen sit on?It is in the Union Jack
Where did some people go to watch it?It's a famous park in England
What is the name of Prince Harry's brother?He's married to The Duchess of Cambridge
Where did it take place?It's the capital of England

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