Theorists in Early Intervention

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Theory ComponentsTheorist
Child must be viewed in the multiple contexts of their environment. Systems nested and interrelated.
One supportive person can make a difference in the life of a child.
Hands on learning and experimental learning. Emergent curriculum based on child's interests. Logical sequence of events. Planned explorations.
Child directed. Children learn from exploration/play. Children have active involvement in constructing knowledge through experiences. Schemes, assimilation, and accomodation. Stage
Stages centered. Child is passive in the environment. Focus on personality and temperament. Relationships and emotions impact development.
Applied behavioral analysis. Positive/negative reinforcement. Extinction, shaping, and embedded learning opportunities
Learning is an integral part of the activity and situation in which it occurs. Learning must involve activity, concepts, and culture. Learning must be meaningful and relevant.
Biological and behavioral growth. Interactions between developmental areas. Need for assessment and ongoing monitoring. Intervention should address all domains.
Systematic observation. Developmental schedules/milestones. Believed in universal preschool.
Zone of Proximal development. scaffolding. teachers as observers and supporters. Children learn through social relationships and interactions. Language is necessary for cognitive d
Social-emotional development is based on the initial relationship with primary caregiver.
The child is influenced by the environment. The environment is affected by the child.

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