Word Ladder: Miss-Quoted III

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder, which will reveal a “miss-taken” quotation by Susan B. Anthony?

Updated Dec 5, 2013

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Hint4-letter word
Title for Jane Grey, monarch of England in 1553
To load with cargo
49ers rushed to California to find the mother ____
Traditional knowledge and wisdom
Eroded, deteriorated
Jack's a dull boy when all he does is this
A possibly shady type of government spending
Eleventh President of the United States
The 19th Amendment lets U.S. women vote here
This was approved for contraceptive use in 1960
A heap
A long, thrusting spear once used by infantry
One of the Four Evangelists
A title for a ruler from Cornwall, York, Gloucester, etc.
Try cowboy life on this kind of ranch
Term for unexploded ordnance
Mates of moms'
A raised platform for dignitary addresses
The Spanish word for country
Delivered a compliment, attention, or money
This is the first thing that happens to an egg
Paul Revere would see one if by ____, two if by sea
Hint4-letter word
London's Drury is a famous one of these
A politician is this kind of duck at the end of a term
The more things change, more they stay the ____
Confucius is alternately known as The Great ____
To engage in a war
To diminish
A kingdom was lost, for ____ of a nail
The past tense of go
With 'The' -- a hemisphere, or a Cold War faction
A joke, a jape, a quip, a gag
A fair ruler might get called this, ie Louis the ____
This 'belt' is a postindustrial region of the U.S.
A musical pause
This type of cricket match was first played in 1877
Counterpart to 'this'
FDR gave this type of fireside radio address
British soldiers might wear a red one
Part of a medieval castle's defensive strategy
The greatest in number
A spar found on a clipper ship
With 'The' -- a hemisphere, or a Cold War faction
Like 1-2-3, A-B-C, or Do-Re-Mi

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