Word Ladder: Emergency Exit

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Can you name the four letter words in this transit-themed word ladder?

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Hang a left
Some men just want to watch the world ____
Dunderhead, nincompoop, half-wit
Obese X-Men villain
A very messy person
One who believes others are inherently inferior
Volume control doohickey
Be aware of
'The Hunger Games' President Coriolanus ____
An Old English Sheepdog might win Best in this
Doubled, this word is a breed of dog
A type of dog toy
What you might say in relief
What you might say as your glass gets full
What happened before now
Age range most associated with angst
Golf props
With birds, insect metaphor for many sex-ed talks
HintFour Letter Answer
Place these at a Roulette table
Broadway musical, Porgy and ____
Man U and N. Ireland footballer George ____
Beethoven is one of these on Schroeder's piano
More urgent than should; imperative
What you might tell a husky to do
What you might do to luck
Fancy, in the UK
Partial alias for Edward Bear
Dirty Harry might have a Dead one of these
Can be of the straw, exit, or opinion variety
Frantically, esp. when paired with -mell
Animal skin
Type of moss
A place in senate or parliament
Madonna's ex Penn
As ____ On TV
Scandinavian name
Can be pizza, Easy Bake, or Dutch
The best minds are generally this

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