U.S. History - Turning Points of 1789

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Can you name the important events and/or people in 1789?

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This man became president of the United States in 1789
First President of the U.S. 
What is ratified in 1789?
Foundation for U.S. laws and government 
The constitution replaced the ______________
Who was the Bill of Rights introduced by in 1789?
Fourth President of the U.S. 
This Declaration established rights for French citizens
This act set up the Federal Court System
Appointed Secretaries of war, treasury, and state, as well as Attorney general, and Postmaster General 
This Individual became Secretary of State in 1789
This Individual became Secretary of war
This Individual became Attorney General
This Individual became Postmaster General
Washington was part of which party?
Advocated for strong, centralized government. Supported the wealthy group in U.S. 
This University was founded in Washington D.C. in 1789

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