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Can you name the words commonly found in crossword puzzles?

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ClueWordNumber of letters
Hosiery shade4
Ages and ages4
Lauder of cosmetics5
Tiny amount4
____- Cat, road clearer3
Legend on the ice3
Member of la familia3
Slippery swimmers4
Othello villain4
Architect Saarinen4
TVA creator3
Pedro's 'those'4
'Waterloo' group4
Run for a diva4
Russian ruler of old4
Barnyard mom3
-sphere prefix4
Culture medium4
Miner's find3
Edison's middle name4
Italian river4
Summer refresher3
Away from the wind4
Mideast bigwig4
Norwegian saint4
Pub offering3
Spread in a tub4
JFK abbr.3
Fish eggs3
ClueWordNumber of letters
007's school4
Peter Fonda title role4
To make a living, with 'out'3
Poet's 'over'3
Nobel Prize city4
Taj Mahal locale4
Luau offering3
Pequod captain4
Longest river in Germany5
Pastoral setting3
Mosque leader4
Ford flop5
On the briny4
Atlanta-to-Chicago dir.3
Family card game3
Early gaming system5
Humorist Bombeck4
America's favorite cookie4
Mauna ____3
Last name in baseball4
First lady?3
Icelandic literary epic4
Fencer's weapon4
Hot time in Paris3
Star Wars princess4
They come in teams4
When said three times, a war movie4
ClueWordNumber of letters
Mel of baseball3
Continental currency4
Door-to-door makeup line4
Seed covering4
To dole, with 'out'4
Shakespeare's 'before'3
When repeated, a fish4
Circulation line5
The Emerald Isle4
Memorable time period3
Designer Angiolini4
Not pro4
-centric prefix5
Thin Man pooch4
Golfer Ernie3
DDE opponent3
October birthstone4
Showed again5
Poetic foot4
Sewing case4
One of Charlie's girls4
Designer Cassini4
Russian range4
Others, in writing4
Bullfight cheer3
Old Italian money4
Sicilian spewer4

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