Harry Potter True and False 60 sec. blitz

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Can you name the Harry Potter True and False 60 second blitz?

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FactTrue or False
Horace Slughorn was the Defense against the Dark arts teacher
Voldemort's real name is Ben Riddle
Snape is a Half-Blood Prince
Joshua Herdman plays Gregory Goyle
Ron Weasly has 6 siblings
James and Oliver Phelps play Fred and George Weasley
Dumbledore's army had twenty kids
There are eight books in the series
In Harry's first year Professor Quirrell was the Defense against the Dark arts teacher
Tom Felton plays Dudley Dursley
FactTrue or False
Evanna Lynch plays Luna Lovegood
Katie Leung plays Cho Chang
Daniel Radcliffe plays Harry Potter
Hermione goes with Cedric Diggory to the Yule Ball
Voldemort has five souls
Hermione's a Pureblood
Ginny Weasley married Dean Thomas
Ron Weasley's a Mudblood
Harry plays Keeper in Quidditch
Hermione's parents are dentists

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