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Can you name the Simpsons True and False 60 second blitz?

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FactTrue or False
Homer loves going to Moe's
The Simpsons live in Shelbyville
Selma, Patty, and Marge are triplets
Pamela Hayden plays Marge Simpson
The original network is the Fox Broadcasting Company
Homer's boss is Montgomery Burns
Marge is a vegetarian
Bart's best friend is Milhouse
Nancy Cartwright plays Bart
Bart's real name is Herbart
Lisa loves chicken legs
The brand of beer that Homer drinks a lot is called Duff
Hank Azaria plays Ralph Wiggum
FactTrue or False
Bart has 7 spikes on his head
Maggie's first word was daddy
Marge's middle name is Anne
Lisa loves Malibu Stacy
Harry Shearer plays Ned Flanders
Lisa plays the saxophone
Marge's mom is Jacqueline Bouvier
Their dog's name is Santa's Little Helper
Homer's middle name is Jay
Maggie's real name is Margaret
Homer's dad's name is Abe Simpson
Bart plays the trumpet

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