What was the number 1 single? (UK)

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28/12/1962 (hint: the King gets post)
19/12/1964 (hint: Fab Four are in good spirits)
25/08/1967 (hint: California city)
15/11/1969 (hint: what do you want in your tea?)
11/02/1973 (hint: DVD rental)
29/09/1974 (hint: Not judo)
31/07/1977 (hint: disco diva feels romantic)
07/09/1979 (hint: Stopped communicating)
23/01/1982 (hint: Place of fairy tales)
18/04/1983 (hint: Ziggy wants to waltz)
28/05/1986 (hint: puppet holiday tune)
01/04/1988 (hint: reggae band don't want you to look at them)
29/11/1991 (hint: Jacko talks colours)
21/08/1993 (hint: Queen singer all by himself)
31/10/1996 (hint: make a promise to Ginger & co)
15/05/1999 (hint: white-clad boyband)
27/04/2002 (hint: Noel & co go to India)
06/06/2005 (hint: annoying!)
18/10/2008 (hint: colourful lady doesn't care)
19/12/2009 (hint: not a good love affair)

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